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I've made your recommended changes to our lead gen page if you’d like to see it:   Landing Page

I've also started to advertise for our course in the second email in our funnel as opposed to later on.


Here is the copy from our Email sequence:


1st Email:   Your guide, Nutrient Deficiencies After Cancer Treatment, has arrived.

Nutrition can be one of the most under-discussed and confusing concepts after a cancer diagnosis.


Your Oncologists may not have had the time to sit down with you and discuss the importance of proper nutrition throughout cancer treatment and beyond.  


With our nutritional guide, we hope to bring you some clarity on which foods are MOST important to incorporate into your diet.


At Own Your Cancer Coaching, we are medical professionals who are devoted to helping people throughout their cancer journey. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills that can optimize your chances of fighting cancer. 


2nd Email:  Cancer Fighting Recipes


Yesterday you received our guide on Nutrient Deficiencies After Cancer Treatment.

While this may have had you thinking about foods you could add to your diet, you may also be feeling overwhelmed by how to incorporate them on a regular basis.


We want to make this as simple as possible for you, so we have put together a FREE 5-day meal plan.


In this meal plan, we include:
✔ Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for 5 days
✔ Links to detailed recipes
✔ Meals that include top foods for nutrient deficiencies 
✔ Simple recipes that typically take 30 minutes or less to prepare

We know, that as you begin implementing these foods and using this meal plan, you will begin to feel the difference.

Let us help you!  


We have helped countless cancer survivors make the diet and lifestyle changes necessary to increase their chances of fighting cancer by 30-50%! 


We will guide you step-by-step to make it easy and sustainable.


Our mission is to help as many survivors as possible.  We guarantee that in following our proven process you WILL learn how to:


- incorporate the most important cancer fighting foods into your favorite meals

- avoid common foods that have been proven to cause cancer or make cancer cells grow

- overcome any unhealthy habits you may have like stress eating, snaking out of boredom, and craving dessert every evening

- stabilize your hormones and mood by making simple lifestyle changes like improving your sleep routine

- have piece-of-mind that you're doing everything you can to fight cancer!

Click on the link below to learn how The Cancer Fighter's Diet can help you start making these changes today!


3rd Email:  This stat will shock you...

How has the 5-day meal plan been going?

We hope that you can enjoy these recipes as much as we do! 


If not, I want you to think of ways of incorporating more nutrient-dense foods into your favorite meals - can you sneak some spinach into your spaghetti sauce?  Add some avocado to your sandwiches or tacos? 


The most shocking statistic we’ve ever heard was that less than 33% of medical doctors receive education on basic nutrition in the several years they spend in school.


We're never surprised when our patients tell us that their Oncologist told them to eat burgers and fries, or drink canned milkshakes like ‘Ensure’ or ‘Boost’ during cancer treatment.


Throughout cancer treatment and beyond, the nutrients you put in your body matter more than ever!


While those canned shakes may be promoted as being healthy, they contain more sugar and chemicals than ice cream.


Sugar actually weakens the immune system and can increase the negative side effects from treatment.


There are much healthier alternatives to getting essential nutrients into your body that will help it to heal and increase your chances of fighting cancer.


On our website you'll find our complete list of Cancer Fighting Foods.  


The food in this list is packed with vitamins and phytochemicals that help to:


- Strengthen your immune system     

- Protect cells and DNA from damage that may lead to cancer

- Reduce inflammation

- Slow the growth rate of some cancer cells

- Help regulate hormone levels


Click below to access our list of Cancer Fighting Foods...

PLEASE NOTE:  You do NOT have to cut out all of your favorite foods and only consume those on this list to fight cancer.  


But incorporating a variety of Cancer Fighting Foods into your diet will increase your chances of fighting cancer or other illnesses.  Start off slowly and try to think of 2-3 foods from the list to incorporate into your meals this week. 


We'll leave you with that for today, but keep an eye out for an email from us tomorrow on how we can help you to make easy changes that will increase your chances of fighting cancer by 30-50%!


~ Sarah & Christine


4th Email:  Increase your chances of fighting cancer by 30-50%!

Yesterday, we sent you an email to let you know that making healthy diet and lifestyle changes can increase your chances of fighting cancer by 30-50%!


Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are especially important during cancer treatment and beyond.


I want you to think of the nutritional information you were given from your healthcare team....


Whether you merely received a brochure or a one-time meeting with an nutritionist, the extent of information given to patients on cancer nutrition is very minimal for the extreme importance of it. 


And If you’ve ever attempted to do your own research, the amount of inaccurate and contradictory information out there can be overwhelming to say the least.


Maybe you’ve wondered...


• Should I stop eating sugar?

• Should I go vegan?

• Should I be fasting?


Now, more than ever, there are a ton of false claims around which types of food can help you fight cancer and other diseases. 


For this reason, we bring you....


The Cancer Fighter’s Diet


An easy-to-follow video-series which contains practical exercises so that you can apply what you're learning to your own life and start making healthy changes immediately.


Created by medical professionals, you will learn how to stay motivated in making sustainable changes and break any unhealthy habits once and for all. 


We will teach you how to:


✔ Easily incorporate the most important cancer fighting foods into your diet without feeling deprived of your favorite meals

✔ Stay motivated in making healthy lifestyle changes that you will stick with long term

✔ Break unhealthy habits like stress eating or over-indulging

✔ Increase your energy levels and stabilize your hormones

✔ Better manage pain and fatigue from cancer treatment

Plus so much more...


Just for receiving this email, you can use the code save20 to receive 20% off the course.


Yes Please!


The sooner you start making healthy changes the more likely you will be to fight off cancer cells or stay in remission. 


Making healthy changes doesn't have to happen overnight.  The key is to make them gradually so you will stick with them long term.


Even the smallest of changes can make a significant difference in your health!


We've helped hundreds of survivors make life altering changes and we'd love to help you as well.  

~ Sarah & Christine


P.S. Have any questions?  Just reply to this email and we will answer them for you.


5th Email:  Healthy Weight Loss After Cancer Treatment

 There are several reasons why it is common to gain weight after a cancer diagnosis...


~ Stress

~ Inactivity

~ Emotional eating

~ Medication

~ Muscle loss

~ Early menopause, etc…

Fad diets like Keto or Fasting are NOT ideal for cancer survivors since they are so restrictive and can actually be dangerous to your health.

If the weight loss strategy you're following ignores the fact that you are a cancer survivor, then it's NOT right for you.

Our FREE weight loss training will help you to determine which changes you need to start making to lose weight and develop a plan to start implementing them today!

6th email: Here's what other survivors are saying...

A couple of days ago I sent you our Free Training on Weight Loss After Cancer Treatment. 


By now I'm sure you know that we, at Own Your Cancer Coaching help cancer survivors to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes that help them to lose weight, have more energy, and most importantly, increase their chances of fighting cancer.  


Today I wanted to give you some inspiration to start making healthy changes, by sharing what other survivors are saying about our course, The Cancer Fighter's Diet.

~ 3 testimonials~

These cancer survivors decided to take action and invest a bit of time in learning how to make changes that allowed them to achieve their goals like weight loss, reduced inflammation, and most importantly optimized their chances of fighting cancer. 


If they can do it, so can you! 


Click on the link below to learn more about how our course,

The Cancer Fighter's Diet, will teach you how to do just that and so much more! 

7th email:  The Importance of Magnesium

Certain types of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, and medications you may have to take while going through treatment, such as antibiotics, often cause a serious deficiency in magnesium.  These drugs affect your body's ability to absorb magnesium and deplete your stored magnesium quickly! 


The best way to fix a magnesium deficiency is by adding the following foods to your diet.  This is extremely important for your heart, muscle, bone, and nerve health.

Many of us eat a diet that has practically no magnesium. 

Several scientific studies have shown that magnesium can actually decrease your risk of developing certain cancers such as colorectal, prostate, and pancreatic.

Recommended Dietary Allowances are:
Men: 400–420 mg
Women: 310–320 mg

Foods high in magnesium include: 

~ Pumpkin seeds

~ Almonds and cashews

~ Spinach

~ Whole grains like quinoa or brown rice

~ Soymilk

~ Black beans and edamame

~ Dark chocolate

~ Avocado

If you don't consume these foods regularly, talk to your doctor to see if it's safe for you to be taking a magnesium supplement. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


At Own Your Cancer Coaching we are a team of healthcare professionals passionate about educating and supporting you throughout cancer treatment and beyond.


What makes us so unique?


With our diverse backgrounds and expertise in areas like Oncology, Psychology, and Physiotherapy, we provide you with unique support and guidance from a broad scope of healthcare practices.


Visit our website for valuable information on:


~ Nutrient Deficiencies After Cancer Treatment

~ How to Prepare for Chemo

~ Weight Loss After Cancer Treatment

~ Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

And so much more!

8th email: How to Worry Less

When we worry, we put our body, mind, emotions, and nervous system in a state of stress.  Studies have shown that 85% of the time, what we worry about isn't worth it, because it will never happen. 

I'm not saying that your worries aren't valid.  The problem is that it's human nature to worry, and it's often about things that are out of our control.   


So how can we stop worrying so much? 


One way, is to learn how to be more accepting of things as they are, rather than being resistant to the way things are. 


For the things in life that you can't control, you can either accept that negative things have happened or may happen, or you can make yourself sick with worry, even though they may not happen. 


Your anxiety, stress, and fear will be higher if you worry about negative things that could happen, rather than just dealing with negative things as they occur. 

You get to decide if you're going to worry about what you can't change, or if you're going to accept it and focus on what you can change. 


Start paying attention to what you are worried about. Most of us worry about things that may happen in the future, not in the present moment. And the stress and anxiety caused by worrying about the future takes away from you enjoying the present moment.  


When you find yourself worrying I want you to take a few deep breaths, and bring yourself back into the present moment.  If you're feeling ok in that moment, ask yourself if this worrying is worth the stress its causing you, or if it's something that may not happen.  


It's going to happen regardless of whether or not you worry about it, so my suggestion is to breath, try to accept that you can't control it, bring yourself back to the present, and enjoy the present, because the present is all that you can control. 

The best way to gain piece-of-mind that you're doing everything you can to fight cancer is to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes.


It doesn't have to be as dreadful as it sounds...


We can help you!


We're helped countless cancer survivors make the healthy changes necessary to increase their chances of fighting cancer by 30-50%!  


We'll guide you step-by-step to make the process as seamless and sustainable as possible. 


We truly believe in you! 



As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


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