The first step to managing your cancer diagnosis is to become educated about the type of cancer you have, your treatment options, and your healthcare team.

Doing so can improve the quality of your life and get through this difficult time.

Your Cancer Journey

Cancer diagnosis
Cancer symptoms

Cancer is typically treated by a multidisciplinary team, meaning several different healthcare professionals will be managing your care.


Forming a strong relationship with your cancer care team will be crucial to managing your cancer journey.

Playing an active role in the decisions about your treatment can also make a big difference in your cancer experience. One way you can do this is to prepare a list of questions for each appointment.

This website is designed to provide you with the most important questions to ask your healthcare team at each stage. 

Family Support

Please begin by clicking on the photo below that best relates to where you are in your cancer journey...

Cancer Symptoms
second opinion for cancer
 Second   Opinion 
cancer therapy
 Additional   Therapies 
testing for cancer
cancer clinical trial
 Clinical Trials 
side effects of cancer treatment
 Side Effects 
cancer diagnosis
cancer treatment
support during cancer treatment
 Support   During   Treatment 
life after cancer treatment
 Life After   Treatment